Poweradd USB C Hub for MacBook and USB C devices

Poweradd USB C Hub for MacBook and USB C devices Whoever owns a Macbook from 2015 onwards has found himself needing more ports, since apple's adaptation to USB C ports. The port is extremely versatile and small, but many of our older products still need full sized usb 3.0 ports. With this HUb you can connect up to 5 USB 3.0 devices like flash storage, chargers, hdds, ssds or anything that works with a pc. Really useful too is the other usb c port in the back, which allows to connect the laptops charger to it and do all from a single port. Write time is absolutely fast too. This product does not only work with mac computer, but with anything that has a usb c connection. The cable provided is high quality and the length adequate. Finally the build of this product absolutely premium. it feels really good in the hand and looks stunning.

Poweradd Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers with USB Port Review

I've tried a lot of different bluetooth speakers and i have to say, this one is one of my favorites. Here's why: + Price: Poweradd being a somewhat offbrand brand, doesn't charge you the premium you would have to pay with bose, jbl, beats, etc. That means you can get a high quality product for less. in here you pay 60 Euros for something that would cost way more from a renown brand. + Sound: The sound quality is really good and loud. You can get great sound for one room or also for the outdoors. + Battery Life: I haven't been able to run the battery down from just listening, which is good. They claim you can get up to 24 hours of playing, that is with the lowest volume setting.I also like that the speaker has a usb port, so you can use the 4000 mah battery to charge your phone. + Weatherproof: The speaker is rugged and strong, made to withstand rough terrrains and weather. It is also waterproof so i use this speaker in the shower. + Looks: It is also important for

How to use your phone with a tripod

Ever wanted to mount your smartphone on you camera tripod so you can get better pictures and videos from it? Check out this Youtube Video to learn how:

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android wear 5.1.1 on the LG G Watch


Android Wear 5.1.1 on the LG G watch

IT IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!! The update for Android Wear 5.1.1 finally arrived on my LG G Watch and is as good as I expected. The review will be live soon in my youtube channel, so wait for the video.

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